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Do Not Sign A Long-Term Contract

Six To Twelve Months in the trucking world can be very volatile.

The danger with a
long-term contract is that you pay a  "stiff fee" to keep or
escape it.

You will still have to
pay the full rate and fees if you experience
a decrease in the number of trucks that you are running.

Our terms flucuate with your business cycles.

Why Should You Choose Us.


Other trucking factoring  companies require
you to sign a restrictive contract that
ranges from 6 months to 1 year or longer.
And they require you factor with them
during that entire time. With us, factor only
what you choose











Call our

Factoring Specialists at


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ADVANCES (up to 97%)

We offer the highest advances in the
trucking factoring industry. 
How can we offer such advance rates? 
By using our own money in tandem with our stellar banking relationship.
Factoring trucking leader;
We have the lowest trucking factoring rates in the industry  


With over 100 years combined experience in factoring for the
trucking industry.
Our knowledge and experience enables us to have a working understanding of the unique demands you face each day.

24/7 Online account management tools
Our online services let you view your reports and collection activity updated daily.

Startup companies
are welcome. 

Startups Are Our Specialty!
Did you just get your authority?
Going out on your own after being leased on? 
If your trucking company is just getting started, you've come to the right place.
We can help you identify quality customers,
strengthen your credit with positive cashflow,
and have our account managers professionally represent your company.

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Factoring Specialists at


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 Getting in Touch


Factors help start-up companies intheir first few years of business, aswell as companies that are havingtremendous growth that areoutstripping their cash. Businessesthat need turnaround help are also

able to utilize a factor's services.

Industries from Trucking to high

tech are contacting factors to help

them create positive cash flow and

help them change their cash flow

gauge from empty to full.


Factors are able to


assist such diverse

industries in different


stages of business

because factors are


primarily interested

in four things:


 The business is properly

licensed and registered,

including authority and

proof of insurance


 The product and/or service

being delivered is of

consistent and acceptable



 Freight bills are creditworthy,

accurate and verifiable


 The factor can perfect a

priority position over all



Currently, $90 billion in freight bills

are factored in theUnited States

each year. In the last 10 years,

according to Mace Edwards, of the

Edwards Research Group in

Newton,Massachusetts, the volume

of freight bills factored has increased

by $20 billion dollars.


The overall increase in factoring

volume is mainly attributed to the

credit crunch in the late 80s. As the

availability of bank commercial credit


tightens, more businesses look

towards alternative sources of

financing to achieve growth.


Factoring can be used

as a tool to increase

profit margins. Other


benefits besides peace

of mind include:


 On Road Advance


 Improved credit rating


 Able to take volume



 Reduced late payments

penalties and interest charges


 Reduced overhead


 Offer credit terms to



 Meet obligations on time


 End payroll and tax

payment worries


Finding a Company


Each factor operates a little different-

ly, so there are different benefits and

costs. When searching for a

reputable factor you should look at

several criteria:


 Are there any fees involved besides

the cost of the time the money


is out?


 Are there set up fees, maintenance

fees or other penalty fees?


 Does the factor, provide credit

services on existing, new, or


future debtors?


 Does the credit service cost extra

or is it free?


 What value added services does

the factor provide?


 Does the factor supply monthly

reports on what is happening with


your account?


 What is the depth of the factor's



 How much experience does the

factoring company have?


Most business bankers are a good

referral source for a reputable

factoring company. Other referral

sources for factors might be found

with your suppliers, customers,

business colleagues, and business



Bankers refer to factors because they

realize that although the customer

may not be bankable at the time of

the referral, in a short time the com-

pany could be a viable candidate for

conventional financing. Factoring is

considered a short-term financing

solution to cash flow problems.

Factoring relationships generally last

for 6 months to several years.


Getting Started


Setting up a factoring relationship is

quick and easy compared to other

forms of financing. Applications

simply call for basic company

information and a customer list. It is

possible for funding to occur in as

little as a few days after receipt of the

application and freight bills.


All businesses want to be successful

and to be successful you must have

sufficient cash flow. Finding the

right source of funding is crucial.

With a factor behind your company,

you- will be able to change your cash

flow gauge from empty to full to

continue down the highway

of success.










More trucking factoring information at USloadsource.com http://usloadsource.com

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The transportation industry can be broken down into three major groups of companies: Shipping, passenger transport, and equipment manufacturers. In some cases, particularly within shipping and passenger transport, companies provide services in multiple areas of the industry. Shipping companies are responsible for the transportation of supplies, and products to businesses, governments and individual consumers and operate on a global basis. The passenger transport segment provides people with the means to get anywhere on the planet, whether it is by air, sea or land. Finally, the manufacturing segment produces the trucks, planes, ships and railcars along with all the technology that allow transportation to exist in its current form. These manufacturers are just as essential to the transportation of materials and people as are the companies that transport them. Freight and Trucking Company News

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